Our Members have a wide range of disabilities with approximate half being wheelchair users who predominantly have spinal cord injuries.

Elba Incorporated is a not-for-profit disability services organisation established in 1990. Elba is operated by our members, for the benefit of our members. {Play}


Elba was formed by a group of spinal cord injury patients who decided to create their own organisation, as at the time their only option was to live at the Quadriplegic Centre in Shenton Park, Western Australia. {Play}


They decided to assert their independence and establish an organisation where they were able to manage their own funding from  the Commonwealth Government, which later transferred to the Disability Service Commission of Western Australia. {Play}


Specifically, their goal was to live in their own homes with freedom, dignity and choice of support workers/carers. {Play}


Elba is an endorsed disability services provider for NDIS and the Insurance Commission of WA. {Play}


Our members have a wide range of disabilities. With approximately half are wheelchair users, who predominantly have a spinal cord injury. {Play}


Currently we provide support services to enable our members to live in their own homes with independence and dignity. Our human resources team works in conjunction with each member to ensure a suitable support worker is available to work for that individual. As everyone is unique, our HR team strives to match personality, personal needs and care requirements with those of the  support workers. {Play}


Elba can assist individuals with a wide variety of disabilities. We also support their families to establish a personalised, innovative, flexible and sustainable service model that provides our members with total control over decision making, how resources are used and above all choice. {Play}