Elba offers a range of choices to enable our members to be in control

At Elba, we believe it is all about you and what you require from us to help you achieve your life goals and be able to live the life you want. We believe each individual is different with their own different disabilities. We work with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Choices in the way you use our services


You maintain all responsibility of employing your staff, supervising and paying them.

Organisation Management

Elba is the formal employer of the support persons and is contractually responsible for those supports and services.

Shared Management

Individual and Elba determine & agree who manages what aspects of the funding, supports and services.

Tailored Training

Provision of high quality personalised support that empowers people with disabilities particularly wheelchair users and their families to discover possibilities and live an enriched life.

Our Disability Services


Assistance with daily life tasks in and away from family living arrangements


Flexible and personalised respite services

Daily living

Independence; personal care and support

Community inclusion

Participation in community, social and civic activities


Wheelchair accessible vans to facilitate a full life.