We Aim to Provide a Rewarding Job and a Great Working Environment.

We believe that our members are the experts in their own personal care and we therefore run person centred training. Our members or their families are the ones who know their personal care routines the best and this is therefore acknowledged in the training of Elba’s support workers. All aspects of personal care required to work with the member and enrich and empowering their lives are done on a personal basis with the individual in mind. {Play}

Elba’s training workshop covers all aspects of personal care relating to the member’s disability that the support worker will be supporting. Our trainer gives a person centred training plan that is built around each individual Members needs and requirements. {Play}

The Workshop covers a wide range of training designed for Support workers to be equipped in caring for our Members individual needs and requirements e.g.: {Play}

Personal Hygiene – showering, bathing
Dressing and grooming
Toileting, continence aids
Uridome/sheath external catheters
Bowel care management toilet routine
Administration of suppositories & enemas
Leg bag and drainage bags/bottles sterilisation
Pressure area and skin integrity
Medications assistance
Spinal cord injury
Autonomic Dysreflexia (AD)
Household duties and domestic chores
Meal preparation, shopping
Transport of Members requirements
Advocate with and for the Member when required {Play}

If needed, we collaborate with other healthcare providers to ensure our member’s best interests are always at the core of the training. Our goal is to promote our Members wellbeing, independence have a positive working relationship with our Support workers. {Play}

Specialised Training Offered by Elba Includes: {Play}

Manual Handling – This is run in Elba’s training room where we have a bedroom set up. It is used is to train and demonstrate safe methods and principles of manual handling including transfers (wheelchair, commode, hoist, sideboard, slide sheet). {Play}

new Support workers as much insight into the potential needs of the individual member as possible. It is also designed to minimise the risk of a workplace injury and to keep our Members and Support workers safe. The workshop covers Occupational Health & Safety education, implementation of safety and health standards while working in our Members home which is also the Support workers workplace. {Play}

Cert III & IV- While not a training course run by Elba, HealthLink (a Registered Training Organisation) permanently book the Elba training room once a fortnight to deliver their training packages in disability care and manual handling. All HealthLink trainers are industry experienced and highly qualified in training an assessment of each qualification. Many of Elba’s support workers have successfully completed courses offered by Healthlink including certificates in: {Play}

CHC33015 Certificate III Individualised Support – Disability
CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability {Play}

First Aid – Elba regularly holds Senior First Aid training to keep our Support Workers up to date wit their first aid qualifications. This training is held in our offices and is run by Safety Corp- a qualified facilitator. {Play}

Elba works closely with our Members to maintain their health, general wellbeing and independence. We aim to minimise our members time spent in hospital by being involved (as much as they want us to be) in the Members care. We always encourage early intervention strategies if required by working with the member, the members family alongside of other community Stakeholders in community care. {Play}