Read What Our Members Have to Say About Us

Ming become a member of Elba as they were highly recommended to us, we were also moved by the story of how the organisation first started. For more than a decade the CEO and staff have been the most efficient, caring and understanding support that we have received. {Play}

The CEO has been a ray of sunshine to us, as we go through this difficult journey with Ming.
I would like to thank the team at Elba for your help in the past, presently and in the future. Elba is truly a well-loved, trusted and loved friend to the Ming Family. {Play}

Thanks again and may god bless you all for the good work you are doing. {Play}

Li Fung (Mother of Ming) {Play}

My daughter Sarah has very demanding severe disabilities, and she has around-the-clock high care needs. We desperately needed to increase our in-home support in 2015 to help with Sarah’s care, and to keep her living at home full-time. {Play}

Elba’s staff has their own specialised roles and professional expertise beyond my expectations. They all work as a team to assist and facilitate support without anticipation, because they know how challenging our lives are by getting to know us personally. Rarely you would get genuine compassion and advocacy from agencies, like you do from Elba! {Play}

Stefanie, Ryan and Merrylin attended meetings with me and Sarah’s Doctors, Specialists and Therapists at the hospital and at Rocky Bay, to discuss how they could best support Sarah and our family at home. {Play}

Elba’s team worked tirelessly requesting medical reports, documentation and letters from other professional supports involved with Sarah. Then begun the process of implementation and submitting our application, to present our case for assessment that would assist Sarah and our family, providing much needed support in caring for Sarah at home. I could not have done this independently! {Play}

We have been involved with all the staff at Elba many times throughout the years, and feel very fortunate to be with an agency that has us feeling less isolated and stressed when times are tough. Elba Inc. has always been understanding and selfless toward people with disabilities and their families and I commend them for that! {Play}

Elba have continued to give us quality-of-life with providing us peace of mind in managing areas that are too stressful for me to endure, due to our challenging trials and tribulations. They lessen the burden of administering Sarah’s Support Workers’, keeping us updated with in-home protocols and procedures to maintain and sustain a happy, healthy and safe environment for Sarah, myself and her Support Workers. I have on many occasions needed to use the hire van to transport Sarah to appointments and the service is always second-to-none. {Play}

Sarah is happy and doing well, being home with her family. The team at Elba supporting us has made this possible! {Play}

Thank you to everyone at ELBA!" {Play}

Marisa Tosi (January 2016) {Play}

I changed to ELBA from a large high profile disability support provider over ten years ago as I wanted more of a say in what assistance I received and how it was delivered. I have no regrets. ELBA are very professional and dedicated to maximising my independence and control. They provided me with the necessary guidance and information to choose my care staff, have care delivered flexibly and to access appropriate aids, appliances, social support and community resources. Backup and advice is always available when needed. I am totally happy with their service and expect to remain with them indefinitely. {Play}

Mark Pielage - Member {Play}

I have been working for Elba for almost 6 years. During this time I have been the primary support worker for one member, a quadriplegic gentleman. While at times it can be challenging, I really enjoy looking after my member. I find it extremely satisfying and I feel a lot of pride and satisfaction to be able to help someone live their life to the full. {Play}

I really enjoy my position as a support worker as it is quite flexible and allows me to live a family orientated life while still working in a permanent part-time position. {Play}

Elba has been a great employer and have supported me to maintain a healthy home –work balance. The team are easy to communicate with and understand my personal needs as well as those of my member. {Play}

Elba has always been very supportive of my work and offered me up to date training qualifications. I was also fortunate to be able to complete the Certificate 3 in Disabilities through Elba which improved my skills & knowledge and will improve my level of care in the future. {Play}

I would recommend Elba to any potential support workers who are looking to work for a friendly and caring organisation to be a part of. {Play}

-Kathy - {Play}

Kathy Donnes {Play}

My Member and I do interesting and worthwhile activities together, from attending a weekly keep fit session, to going to the movies, out to lunch or dinner, and on occasion, going to the theater to see a show. (Lion King was a real favourite.) We especially enjoy crafting and sewing useful and lovely items such as tissue box covers and coasters. {Play}

Working with my Elba Member is so satisfying and so much fun that it’s not really like work! {Play}

Linda - Support Worker {Play}

Sonam, She is friendly and helpful, a friendly smile. Mum says she is a special person. Yusel, good at her job, efficient, punctual and looks after me well. Mum says Yusel is clever and respectful. Pema, is very happy and smiley, she does a good job. Mum says she is respectful and very happy. Jess, she is friendly and helpful to me she is still learning her job but Mum says she will do her work well. Taylor, is bubbly, happy and very good at her job. I like being in her company. Mum says she is punctual, flexible and a wonderful young woman. Jorjia is bubbly and happy, I like hanging out with her too. She looks after me well. Mum likes Jorjia too, it’s great I have some young people in my life who give me the time of day. Elba has done a great job finding these support workers, give yourselves a pat on the back. The office staff have been supportive to help us run Rob’s life. You make it easier for us to get the job done and help Rob stay safe, happy and healthy.

Robert - Member

Personally they do a great job organising my Carer's especially when sick or can't make it to work. They are always running courses to better their Carer's and staff. That's a couple of things I mentioned anyway!

Greg Willmott - Member