Elba offers flexible and personalised respite services for members and their families.

Flexible and Personalised Respite Services {Play}

Elba offers flexible and personalised respite services for their members and families, so they can have a break from their routine and caring responsibilities. Evidently, each individual is unique, so our HR team strives to match personality, personal needs, and care requirements with those of support workers. This allows the family and primary carers to have the respite break they deserve. Essentially, so they can relax with the peace of mind that their loved one is being well looked after. {Play}

Respite breaks can be provided through a wide range of activities and services offered to people with disability and their families. Markedly, respites provide positive experiences for people with disabilities. Furthermore, it strengthens and maintains the capacity of families to provide support and care. {Play}

Services are tailored to meet the needs of the person with disability and family and may include the following types of activities: {Play}

  • In-home assistance for the carer to undertake typical family activities {Play}
  • In-home assistance which gives the carer a break {Play}
  • Out-of-home assistance, which may include individual activities, centre-based or shared living settings, alternative family settings, or other flexible respite options. {Play}

Supported Holidays: {Play}

Coordinators will assist in the implementation and planning of holidays for individuals as required. Furthermore, experienced support workers will travel with individuals and provide the necessary supports. {Play}

Elba will collaborate with you and your support network to ensure that you receive the levels of support you require whilst you enjoy your respite holiday. {Play}

For more information on respite services please contact Elba staff on 08-9316-9944. {Play}