Respite Accommodation Perth
Respite Accommodation Perth

Building Respite Homes in Perth, Western Australia

These days, people with disabilities have very few options when it comes to housing. Low income combined with the cost of support when living independently, private housing is, more often than not, unaffordable for most. {Play}

Simply put, there are just not enough respite homes available in the community. This is why Elba has decided to build our own respite accommodation in Hamilton Hill. This is close to local hospitals, shops, parks, and transport. {Play}

Our proposed facility will have 3 components that include 8 individual respite self-contained rooms. Two of which are double rooms for clients to share with family, as well as modified wheelchair bathrooms, bed, sitting area, and kitchenette. This will allow high-level quadriplegics to be able to use the facilities. {Play}

Four support worker self-contained rooms, one common (kitchen and lounge area). A special cinema will be designed for wheelchair users to be able to sit in a simulated seat in their own wheelchair to be able to have the ultimate movie experience. {Play}

In addition, the facility will have a hydrotherapy pool and a modified gym for wheelchair users – both of which are rarely free to use in the community. Furthermore, for your convenience, Elba’s head office will also be situated in the same area. {Play}

In-House and Out-of-Home Respite

At the moment, Elba is only able to provide in-house respite which means having a support worker at the house in order to give the family members of the disabled person a well-deserved break – this is because of the fact that there are no respite homes available with any vacancies – our facility would enable us to provide out-of-home respite which means, family members of the disabled can enjoy staying at home because, let’s face it, there’s no place like home when you need some time to yourself and recharge. {Play}

We also have members who live as far down south as Busselton – having this respite home facility will mean they have the choice of driving up the night before and stay in one of our rooms if they have a hospital appointment the next day. {Play}

By building this complex, it will not only benefit Elba’s members. The general community is also more than welcome to use our resources if it’s not used by our members. {Play}

The City of Cockburn is behind this build 100% and are extremely excited to have another community-based facility in the area. {Play}