Elba is operated by our members for the benefit of our members

Every three years the Disability Service Commission engage an independent Evaluator to assess service providers to ensure they are compliant with the six Disability Service Standards outlined in the Disability Services Commission’s Quality Management Framework. Elba was most recently evaluated in April 2016, resulting in extremely positive feedback. The following are some of the key comments from the Evaluator: {Play}

  • The office team and Support Workers were impressive in the extent to which they are tuned in to the voices of their members and families; they demonstrated a high level of responsiveness and flexibility regarding the needs and preferences of each member. {Play}
  • Elba has recently facilitated a successful outcome through the trialling of a ‘host family strategy’, in which a member whose wellbeing was at risk in numerous ways has been enabled to settle down in a new, family-like environment. {Play}
  • The general theme of all feedback was of a quality organisation that is well managed, with direct service provided by well trained and competent staff. There were no themes expressed to the contrary. {Play}
  • Support Workers and Elba as a whole were complemented on the quality of induction and training in all areas, from members’ broad life goals and daily supports, to specific issues concerning disability, health and medical issues. {Play}
  • Many positive comments reflected positively on Elba’s address of the National Standards, including: {Play}

“Whenever we need help I get in touch, they’re very good”, {Play}


“[Management names] are very helpful”, “Greatly satisfied…whenever I need any help they’re always there”, {Play}


“They keep me up to date with everything, there’s lots of information always being provided”, {Play}


“They’re cool”, “100% satisfied, very happy”, {Play}


“There’s great communication, that’s the most important thing”, and “I don’t know what I would have done without Elba”. {Play}


The Independent Evaluator also stated that he was particularly impressed by: {Play}

  • The office team presented as an energetic, competent and committed group, very focussed on the wellbeing and satisfaction of their members, and keen to continually improve their services. {Play}
  • A supportive, informal and productive environment was described and observed. {Play}
  • One Support Worker commented “I love my job”, and numerous other comments confirmed satisfaction with their induction, training and general support. {Play}
  • The array of training opportunities and resources, using both internal and external expertise and resources, as demonstrated by the Field Supervisor was most impressive. {Play}
  • Elba maintains an excellent, and still developing, online data management system that is accessible to members and staff. {Play}

The experience was a valuable opportunity for insight and guidance of how Elba Inc. is meeting its responsibilities related to the Six Standards and our commitment to continuous improvement. {Play}