Elba is operated by our members for the benefit of our members

Mark Pielage - Chairperson {Play}

I am currently in the role of Chairperson and have been a Board member of Elba for over 10 years. I joined Elba because their approach allowed me to self-manage my care services as much as possible. The next step of joining the Board was an easy decision to make. I enjoy the responsibility and challenge, along with the opportunity to play a part in ensuring Elba delivers to its members and has a sound future. {Play}

Being a bit of a petrol head is in my nature.  In 1984 I upgraded to one of the first Yamaha RZ500 motorcycles to be sold in Perth, a street legal V4 2 stroke race replica.  Having an accident on this bike (riding sensibly – honest!) late that year resulted in my spinal injury.  I have incomplete tetraplegia, and need assistance with a number of life’s basics – but I’m still finding ways to do more and to achieve more as time goes on.   Working as a Police Traffic Warden at Shenton College for many years has been very satisfying.  Besides the income boost, I enjoy the interactions with both students and staff and the rain, hail or shine motto toughens me up! {Play}

Darren West - Vice Chairperson {Play}

Craig Press - Treasurer {Play}

Simon Royle - Secretary {Play}

I grew up in England. In my high school years, I spent time living in Iran, due to my father’s career. Not the happiest of times, but looking back on it now, it did make me appreciate travel. I came to Australia in 1980 and 3 months after my arrival here, I had my accident in January 1981 - making me a C5/6 Quadriplegic. {Play}

Adrian Mason - Management Committee {Play}

Adrian has been a member with Elba for the past 10 years. Adrian has held positions on the Board including six years as a Chairperson and four years on the Management Committee. Adrian shares the same concerns as all our other members for their continued independence with dignity in the community. He is passionate about everyone’s quality of life and continue to help our members. {Play}

I had heard of Elba knowing a majority of their Members were Quadriplegics, because of this I felt they could best meet my requirements. Another reason I chose Elba was their ability to provide a quality service devoid of overwhelming bureaucracy. They also offered me flexibility and the individual Support Workers I required.   I’ve been a Member of Elba for over 10 years now. Currently, I’m a Committee Member on the Board.  It allows me to oversee the smooth running of Elba Inc. and its Board. Part of my role is to ensure that the office staff work in a functioning and happy environment as well as making sure the Support Workers understand their role and the Members have adequate care to meet their daily needs. {Play}

Michael Durk - Management Committee {Play}

Sinisa Strbac - Management Committee {Play}