Steps how to apply for your NDIS Workers Screening

A New NDIS Worker Screening Process

From 1st of February 2021, an NDIS Worker Screening check (NDIS Check) has rolled out across Western Australia.


The NDIS check is a national tool that will help NDIS providers determine that individuals seeking to work (OR already work) in certain NDIS roles do not present an unacceptable risk of harm to people with disability.

An NDIS check and clearance will be mandatory for workers who are engaged in a ‘Risk Assessed Role’ for a registered provider. All Elba workers fall into one of these categories.

Once you have been granted the clearance it will be valid for 5 years, this will replace your natural police check. The difference with a NDIS check to a police check is that it is a live database, where authorised personal can check your working status at any time, (meaning if you are charged with a serious offence in the 5 years and revoked your clearance it will be national seen, preventing you permission to work within the sector within a ‘risk assessed role’ Australian wide)

The cost of this clearance is $ 145 ($ 80 for concession card holders)

As this is mandatory from NDIS to be able to work within your role, you will be required to pay the cost.

To apply for the NDIS worker screening please register or log in to your DOT Direct account by following the link If you experience any issue registering or logging in please call the Department of Transport Contact Centre on 13 11 56.

If for some reason you can’t have a DOT Direct account (ex. if you don’t own a car in WA and you don’t have a WA licence) please call the NDIS screen number 180022558

Once you logged into your DotDirect account click on the toolbar “NDIS”

In the section EMPLOYER DETAILS, Elba’s NDIS number is: 4-4GHG-60
Elba’s address: U 18, 173 DAVY ST

Once you applied for the screening you will receive a confirmation email with the next steps to take in order to complete your application: (your   application will be incomplete until you follow all the steps)

  1. Gather original documents. Please refer to the list of proof of identity documents you selected with the application. Certified photocopies will not be accepted.
  2. Attend an authorised Department of Transport centre with the required documents.
  3. Pay for the required application fee.
  4. Wait for notification. Before you commence NDIS work your nominated employer must confirm your application. The NDIS Worker Screening Unit will notify you once this has occurred.

More info on the NDIS worker screening at