Elba Offers a Range of Choices to Enable Our Members to be in Control.


Membership application is open to all people with disabilities and eligibility will be judged on an individual basis. Future Elba members are required to:

  • Need high levels of support
  • Legally able to manage their own affairs
  • The Board has granted “Extraordinary” membership application has a parent or guardian acting on the behalf.

Application for Membership

Elba representatives will visit you and assess your situation. Every application is assessed individually.

If you are in critical need of help, an application will be completed and forwarded to the Disability Services Commission of WA, National Disability Insurance Agency or MyWay Coordinator for assessment.

If your case is accepted (i.e. funding will be provided) your membership with Elba will be accepted.

If we are unable to accept your application due to non-funding, we will recommend alternate agencies that may be able to assist you.

Associate Member
Family Member
Affiliate Member


Member Funded by the Disability Service’s Commission of WA, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and NDIS MyWay

Family Member A relative of the funded member

Affiant Member A person applying for funding from the Disability Services Commission and National Disability Insurance Agency via Elba