I was 23 years old when I had my motorbike accident. I had just built my first home, working hard and enjoying my hobbies. I was living life to the fullest fishing, going out with friends and family loving life. I was a typical 23 year old guy thinking it would never happen to me. My motorbike accident shocked my friends and family, it was the week before Christmas I was just about to go on holidays.  My accident nearly killed me I broke my neck, ribs, pelvis, and arm, bruised heart, punctured my lungs, ruptured spleen and lost nearly all my blood. I spent a while in intensive care then moved to Shenton Park rehab all up I was in hospital 6 months. It is an injury that is very hard to understand as there is so many complexities to it, its not just as simple as not being able to move. Spinal cord injury affects your bowels and bladder; you can get pressure sores from not moving and get a lot of nerve pain. Over the years you learn to adapt and things do get easier. After hospital I have lived with my brother and his family and at my parents. Over the last 6 years I have someone special and we owner built our home. I was involved in the whole process and designed and organised everything it was a great project for myself. We now have a 16 month old son and our enjoying life with him. Elba have encouraged and helped with funding to keep me active in our community. I have a van I can get around in and just recently purchased a beach chair. I’m looking forward to getting on the beach and teaching my son to fish this year. {Play}