Anonynmous Feedback

Dear Members and Support Workers, 

Open and honest communication us my goal here at Elba. I want Elba to have a strong company culture with good workplace relationships, which are founded on open, honest input from everyone in the organisation.

The benefits of constructive and honest feedback, improves everyone’s performance and feeling of validation amongst all of us. I understand that people are hesitant to give blunt, honest truth directly, especially if it means having to disagree with or criticise other individuals of the organisation. I want everyone at Elba (Members, Support Workers and Admin Staff) to feel valued and not fear being criticised for their challenges.

I have always had an open door policy and want to ease your fears, by making it easier for you to give your honest input by making an ANONYMOUS communication field on our website, where you can share your thoughts or concerns at any time.

We will also be sending a survey to you two times a year where you will have your chance to give feedback, the survey will give you a choice to be able to mention your name if you wish or to keep it anonymous. By having this in place I hope to create a culture of trust, by making all employees and members feel empowered and valued for speaking up rather than interrogated.


Stefanie Gaglia
Chief Executive Office