Elba was most recently evaluated in February 2019, resulting in extremely positive feedback.

Every three years, the Department of Communities engage for an independent evaluation. This evaluation is to assess service providers are compliant with the six Disability Service Standards. This is outlined in the Disability Services Commission’s Quality Management Framework. Most recently evaluated in February 2019, Elba received extremely positive feedback.

The following are some key comments from the Evaluator: {Play}

  • The overall commitment of staff and members to ensuring the rights of members and families are respected and upheld. Elba’s policies and procedures are well-demonstrated and documented. Both staff and members confirm this. {Play}
  • All members report they are treated with respect and dignity. That is, all levels of staffing at Elba respect their personal decisions and choices. {Play}
  • Elba’s documented policies and procedures demonstrate the organisation’s and staff’s commitment to ensuring and promoting the rights of members. For example, protecting all members from abuse, harm, neglect or violence. {Play}
  • All members interviewed provided a positive evaluation of their services. As well as of their support workers and key management staff, with whom they interact regularly: {Play}
    • “I am in control of my services and those who support me” was a comment that exemplified the overwhelmingly positive feedback received during this evaluation. {Play}
    • “Whenever we need help, I get in touch, and they’re very good”. {Play}
    • “They keep me up to date with everything, and there’s lots of information always provided” {Play}
    • “There’s great communication, that’s the most important thing”, and “I don’t know what I would have done without Elba”. {Play}

The Independent Evaluator also stated they were particularly impressed by {Play}

  • Members highly commended the consumer-driven nature of the service throughout the service. Furthermore, the Board is also an exemplification which comprises Elba members. {Play}
  • Members were aware of how to raise concerns. Moreover, they indicated they are comfortable to raise matters with their support workers or management staff who assist in resolving issues promptly and thoroughly. {Play}
  • Member choice was evident throughout the assessment. Members, staff and managers provided examples of supported decision-making. {Play}
  • Advocacy services are available. For example, board members can advocate on behalf of members when necessary. {Play}
  • Elba works with members and families from the commencement of contact. Particularly, the focus is on understanding the individual’s needs, interests and aspirations. and empowering members control of a meaningful life. {Play}
  • Members, staff and managers noted that support and encouragement provide an opportunity to identify and promote creative options. These recognise and address members’ unique needs and interest. {Play}