Elba assists individuals with a wide variety of disabilities in Perth.

Elba provides a range of disability support services in Perth, Western Australia. In addition, as everyone is different, Elba works with each individual to create a person-centred disability support plan. This is assessed and reviewed on an annual basis to ensure each member is achieving their goals to the best of their ability. Above all, our support workers help play a significant role in helping members achieve their goals. {Play}

Elba has a proven 30-year track record as an exceptional service provider providing timely, reliable disability services. In addition, Elba provides daily living support, recreational and community inclusion, in-home respite, disability accommodation, wheelchair accessible transportation and mobile maintenance services. {Play}

Below are some of our current member’s disabilities. Elba provides disability support services on a daily basis to empower our members to live independently in their own homes and achieve other personal goals. {Play}

  • Quadriplegia {Play}
  • Paraplegia {Play}
  • Spinal cord injury (SCI) {Play}
  • Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) {Play}
  • Intellectual disability {Play}
  • Stroke {Play}
  • Epilepsy {Play}
  • Diabetes {Play}
  • Cerebral Palsy (CP) {Play}
  • Kennedy Disease/ Spinal Bulbar Muscular Atrophy {Play}
  • Moyamoya disease {Play}
  • Ataxia-Telangiectiasia (A-T) {Play}
  • Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) {Play}
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) {Play}
  • Muscular Dystrophy (MD) {Play}
  • Spina Bifida {Play}
  • Autism spectrum {Play}

Elba is able to assist individuals with a wide variety of disabilities. Furthermore, we support their families to establish a personalised, innovative, flexible, and sustainable service model. We provide them with total control over decision making, how resources are used, and above all, choice. {Play}