Elba assists its members to participate actively in community, social and civic activities.

Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities {Play}

Elba assists members to participate actively in community, social and civic activities. This includes supporting members during these activities and developing the persons’ ability to partake in these pursuits. {Play}

Recreational Activities {Play}

We encourage activities that promote and encourage physical wellbeing, including exercise and sporting activities. {Play}

Elba works individually with members to develop a plan with how to support them achieve their goals. To clarify, our Human Resources team works in conjunction with each member. They ensure that a support worker is employed who will effectively communicate, support, and assist members in achieving their aspirations. As each member is unique, our HR team strives to match personality, needs, and care requirements with those of support workers. {Play}

Furthermore, with the assistance of Elba’s staff, members can attend a wide variety of activities, events, and workshops within our Perth community. {Play}

The following provides an idea of what Elba can provide: {Play}

  • Assistance to link into social and recreational community groups and clubs {Play}
  • Assisting to develop and participate in volunteer roles that may be of interest {Play}
  • Meeting with family and friends {Play}
  • Participating in sport and a range of leisure activities {Play}
  • Supporting members access training and educational courses {Play}
  • Support in participating in social events {Play}
  • Support for members to attend medical and other appointments; {Play}
  • Assistance accessing personal fitness programs, gyms, and sporting activities in the local community {Play}
  • Assistance in building confidence and independence in using public transport facilities {Play}
  • Physical wellbeing programs such as hydrotherapy and physical exercise programs {Play}

In conclusion, Elba provides leisure activities for people with disabilities, so that members can enjoy Perth’s lifestyle! Furthermore, our disability friendly transport vehicles are fully equipped with wheelchair facilities. We travel our members across the Perth metro area.