Elba is operated by our members for the benefit of our members

Elba Incorporated Executive and Administration Team Consists of: {Play}

Stefanie Gaglia: Chief Executive Officer {Play}

Stefanie provides executive leadership to Elba Incorporated. She manages the efficient and effective operation and corporate development of the organisation, to ensure compliance with the National Standards for Disability Services. {Play}

Faustina: EN/Roster Coordinator After hours {Play}

Is responsible for managing the after-hours emergency replacement. Tina is highly skilled to deliver care if need to when a replacement can’t be found. {Play}

Dhruv: Accounts Coordinator {Play} 

Dhruv is responsible for processing the fortnightly employee payroll. He also makes claims on the NDIS Portal on a fortnightly basis after wages are processed. Dhruv keeps track of funding available for our members. Additionally, he reconciles bank accounts, maintains accurate accounting & financial transaction records, including preparation and submission of BAS statements. {Play}

Nicole Rankin: Operations Administrator {Play}

Nicole has performed previous roles at Elba including payroll and reception over a period of 3 years. She also currently manages the NDIS Reporting on goal achievement and care requirements. Additionally, Nicole also provides administrative support to the office as well as being a backup for Payroll and Reception. {Play}

Chiara Offredi: Office Administrator {Play}

Chiara performs as a receptionist a variety of administrative tasks and supports the day to day running of the office. As an important part of the administration team, she also manages the use of our wheelchair friendly vans and organizes the Elba events. {Play}

Rob Watson: Marketing & Fundraising Officer {Play}

Rob provides support in the development, implementation, management, and evaluation of the organisation’s strategy and plans for marketing. He strives to reach maximum brand awareness and generate creative new ideas. Consequently, his role requires ensuring compliance with the National Standards for Disability Services in all aspects of work. {Play}

Frances Burns: Human Resources and Training Coordinator {Play}

Frances recruits and trains new staff and completes competency checks and training for existing staff. She undertakes the occupational safety and health requirements for Elba. Working closely with Trish and Liisa ensures that the quality cycle of improvement continues. Furthermore, when Liisa is on leave Frances attends to the after-hours calls. {Play}

 Registered Clinical Nurse – Service Coordinator {Play}

This position is responsible for the management interface between members and the organisation. Essentially this includes maintaining comprehensive records while ensuring compliance with the National Standards for Disability Services. The Service Coordinator develops and monitors plans and strategies for members to ensure their safety and care. Furthermore, this position ensures safe working conditions for support workers and additionally oversees training for staff. This position also works with stakeholders to ensure appropriate care is provided to all members. {Play}

Yvette: Roster Coordinator {Play}

Is responsible for preparing and distributing accurate staff and member rosters. To do day-to-day rescheduling to cover unplanned changes in staff availability including sick leave, personal leave, and after-hours emergency replacement. {Play}

Stew Watson: Maintenance Office {Play}

Stew has an extensive building background. Currently, the types of services that Stew provides are: {Play}

  • tap washer replacement {Play}
  • smoke alarm maintenance (testing/battery replacement) {Play}
  • gutter cleaning {Play}
  • minor paint touch-ups {Play}
  • light globe replacement {Play}
  • flat pack assembly {Play}
  • yard/home clean-ups {Play}
  • minor wheelchair maintenance (battery and tire replacement) {Play}
  • minor carpentry tasks (eg repairs, fit shelving) {Play}
  • hanging artwork {Play}
  • repairing rails {Play}
  • minor reticulation repairs and garden maintenance (light pruning) {Play}
  • sometimes he can perform fill in Van driving duties. {Play}