We have been a host family since July 2015, It all started off very rough but it has settled down and we are really enjoying it. Being a host family for someone with an intellectual disability is sometimes like “50 first dates” (2004)

We, all have come a long way ,she has come from just sitting down on a chair to showing us what she can and can not do or what she is capable of doing. Her personality has come very much alive and there is so much more interaction with other people now.

In the time that we have looked after this young lady,we feel there has been a lot of progress and we are 100% sure with in time that we can progress further with her.

Elba has been a great support throughout this whole journey .We are very pleased with the ongoing training and support that we receive. It has helped us a lot.

“Would we change her? No. It’s been quite an experience but she is one of the family.”